We're always listening for new voices!

We're looking to supplement our terrific Cloud Studio network of Voices with more talented storytellers from all walks of life, who are also adept and experienced voice-over artists.

Applicants must be able to record, edit, and deliver professional-quality audio.

If you'd like to audition for the SpokenLayer Cloud Studio,
please record 3-5 minutes of one of the following pieces*, in the environment and with the equipment you typically use to record and deliver audio. Start your audition by saying your name.  

Once your audio is ready, fill in the brief form and upload the final edited file.  That’s it!

Option 1: Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC review (IGN)

Option 2: North Korea Successfully Tests Missile That Could Reach Alaska (Slate.com)

Option 3: What It's Like When Pro Phishers Assail Your Inbox (Wired.com)

Option 4: Bridging the Communication Gap (Medium.com)

Option 5: Hollywood Needs to Stop Stealing Trans Stories (Medium.com)

Option 6: Why Lemonade is for Black Women (Medium.com)

Option 7: I am Indian American, and it's 2017. But I Still Get Asked, "What are you?" (Medium.com/WaPo)

*If none of the listed pieces speaks to you, you may upload 3-5 minutes of yourself reading a different piece of first-person, narrative-driven nonfiction. Please include a link to the the text of your piece when you fill out the audition form, so we can find it when we review your audio submission. No paywalls or self-written content, please. 

thoughts & TIPS

At SpokenLayer, we’re looking for talented storytellers who can deliver a great listener experience. Here are a few tips to consider when prepping your audition for us:

  • Everyone deserves to have their name pronounced correctly! Please look up any words or names you personally find unfamiliar so you’re confident when you record. 

  • Think podcaster, not broadcaster. Imagine you’re speaking to an audience of one - think of someone you like to chat with, and deliver your audition to them. 

  • Respect your listener’s time and attention. Presume your audience (your friend) is both bright and busy - keep things moving at a good pace. 

Note: Applicants to the Cloud Studio must be able to record on a good-quality external microphone and do light editing using the recording software of their choice.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, it is not possible to respond to all applicants.