We're always listening for new voices!

If you'd like to audition for the SpokenLayer Cloud Studio,
please choose one of the articles below, record it (please start by saying your name),
 then fill in the brief form, and upload the final edited file.  That’s it!

Choice 1: Farpoint Review (IGN)

Choice 2: The White House Wants Everyone to Keep Guessing Whether It Will Nuke Obamacare (Slate.com)

Choice 3: Science Wants to Figure Out Why Men Get Sad After Sex, So we asked a few why (Medium.com)

Choice 4: In Memory of a Woman I Loved: The Moment She Saved My Life (Medium.com)

Choice 5: Hey Marketers, You're Doing it Wrong (Medium.com)

At SpokenLayer, we’re looking for talented storytellers who can deliver a great listener experience. Here are a few tips to consider when prepping your audition for us:

  • Everyone deserves to have their own name pronounced correctly! Please look up any words or names you personally find unfamiliar so you’re confident when you record. 

  • Think podcaster, not broadcaster. Imagine you’re speaking to an audience of one - think of someone you like to chat with and deliver your audition to them. 

  • Respect your listener’s time and attention. Presume your audience (your friend) is both bright and busy - keep things moving at a good pace. 

Note: Applicants to the Cloud Studio must be able to record from home on a good-quality external microphone and do light editing using the recording software of their choice.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, it is not possible to respond to all applicants.