Turn Readers into Loyal Listeners.


Turn Readers into Loyal Listeners.


SpokenLayer is building an audio edition of the web, one story at a time.

We work with premium publishers to transform their written content into spoken audio that readers can listen to anywhere. SpokenLayer creates a sticky, branded experience for audiences and a new ad-based revenue stream for publishers.




We power audio for premier media clients. Here are examples of the voices we’ve crafted for our publishers.

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New Revenue Stream

Stickier Product

Repurpose existing content into new ad inventory

Turn 10 second readers into 20 minute listeners.

Publishers are sitting on a gold mine of untapped revenue. Our turnkey platform creates, hosts, distributes, and monetizes audio for them from existing written content.

Rather than investing in other audio strategies to see if they pay off, SpokenLayer is designed to pay for itself starting day one.

SpokenLayer allows publishers to tap into the $20 billion radio ad budgets that have previously been absent from spoken audio.

We elevate brand engagement for publishers by giving their content a human voice that sounds as good as NPR.

This voice creates loyalty, keeping listeners on-site longer and sees them coming back more often, especially on mobile.

As users develop a listening habit, they listen to multiple stories in a row, dramatically increasing their exposure to your content.

We work with premium publishers with more than 10M page views / month. If you’d like to learn more about our solution and how much additional revenue your site could be generating, let’s talk.

How SpokenLayer Works

How SpokenLayer Works


Start with premium written content automatically ingested.

Transform into high-quality audio using our distributed network of voice talent.

Multi-channel Distribution:
Embedded JS players and top audio networks.

Ads + Analytics:
Ads and sponsorships can be created and inserted. 
Metrics on reach, engagement, and audio streamed.

Media and Brand Clients

Media and Brand Clients

We work work with awesome clients. Want to become one? 

Email us at partners@spokenlayer.com

Stickier Products

Stickier Products

We have amazing partners that get SpokenLayer content in front of all the right people.

Email us at partners@spokenlayer.com to become one.