We're always listening for new voices!

SpokenLayer pairs talented storytellers and great technology to springboard content creators into the #voicefirst arena. We offer storytellers the opportunity to use ever-evolving, cutting edge technology to connect the world with the power of the human voice.

Be the human voice of local journalism. 

We move print and digital content creators from the visual page to the audio stage. This is important for superstar brands like A&E and USA Today, and even more critical for intimate local brands like the Kenosha News, The Valley News Dispatch, and the Pittsburgh Tribune. Wherever they are, everyone deserves to be heard.

Put your love of longform storytelling to work for you.

Whether it’s capturing the excitement of Chloe Kim’s first Olympics in a story for ESPN or giving voice to a piece about navigating parenthood in the age of Instagram, longform journalists need warm, versatile, authentic storytellers to transform their captivating writing into arresting audio experiences. That’s where we come in. That’s where you come in.

Be a bold explorer in the VoiceFirst universe.

We are seeking great storytelling partners who are interested in leveraging their narration and audio production skills into an extremely part time job that supports their passions. SpokenLayer is an ideal part-time partner for audio journalists, podcasters, and performers who want to carve a space for themselves in the #voicefirst frontier, or simply be paid to consume and transform content you already love. No bots, no TTS, no terrible prosody here: human stories deserve human voices. 

Applicants to the SpokenLayer Cloud Studio must be able to record, edit, and deliver professional-quality audio. If you'd like to audition, please record one of the following pieces, in the environment and with the equipment you typically use to record and deliver audio. Start your audition by saying your name. Once your audio is ready, fill in the brief form, and upload the final edited file. That’s it!


Thoughts & Tips

At SpokenLayer, we’re looking for talented storytellers who can deliver a great listener experience. Here are a few tips to consider when prepping your audition for us:

  • Everyone deserves to have their name pronounced correctly! Please look up any words or names you personally find unfamiliar so you’re confident when you record. 

  • Think podcaster, not broadcaster. Imagine you’re speaking to an audience of onethink of someone you like to chat with, and deliver your audition to them. 

  • Respect your listener’s time and attention. Presume your audience (your friend) is both bright and busy keep things moving at a good pace. 

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, it is not possible to respond to all applicants.