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Meredith Corporation To Launch Meredith Innovation Group, Meredith Product Studio, Meredith Voice Network And Meredith Smart Codes At The Consumer Electronics Show

MarketWatch covered the launch of Meredith Corporation’s Innovation group, the company’s new branch focused on innovation and product development, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Part of this launch includes the Meredith Voice Network powered by SpokenLayer. The excerpt below describes the capabilities of the network…

“[the voice network] translates the company's premium editorial articles into a variety of voice experiences accessible via Meredith's owned-and-operated sites, popular social media platforms and leading podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, iHeartRadio and smart speakers, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.”

The SpokenLayer team is thrilled to be able to bring this experience to life. Jon Werther, President of Meredith National Media Group, had the following to say about the impact of the launch…

"Everything we do at Meredith is founded on our deep, proprietary consumer data and insights, and these new offerings extend the value, utility and reach of our brand portfolio…we continue to enable cross-platform experiences… and extend our trusted content for busy, time-strapped consumers whenever and wherever they are, including smart speakers…”

Al Jazeera Finds Its Voice On Smart Speakers

Ad Exchanger reported on SpokenLayer’s role helping Al Jazeera bring their content to voice. Al Jazeera’s Senior VP of Business Development and Growth, Michael Weaver, had the following to say about our partnership…

“These platforms have a vested interest in not choosing favorites,” Weaver said. “We hired an editor and a producer, and SpokenLayer handled getting it out on to all of the devices.”

SpokenLayer’s Founder/CEO, Will Mayo, also gave some insight into how we help content creators create meaningful voice experiences…

Like any new media, publishers have to tread lightly with voice to figure out the format that will resonate with audiences. Because SpokenLayer hosts and distributes content, it can provide granular data to publishers to help them develop and edit stories in a format that works for the medium.

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TheStreet Brings Must-Know Market News to Smart Speakers Worldwide with 'Street Daily Snapshot'

PR Newswire covered the launch of TheStreet's new voice experience Street Daily Snapshot. The excerpt below discusses SpokenLayer's role...

The Street worked with SpokenLayer, the largest provider of spoken media content for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other platforms, to produce and distribute the experience across the modern voice ecosystem.

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The IAB Market Snapshot Report discusses implications of voice for marketing purposes. Founder/CEO of SpokenLayer, Will Mayo, is quoted a couple of times stating the following...

Being there is the KPI for success – if you’re not, someone else will steal your share over time. People have the mental space for 3-5 spots for apps/experiences they use – if you don’t become one of those slots now, the cost to acquire a user will be significantly more expensive if not impossible.

It takes more work to stop listening than it does to keep listening.


Where SpokenLayer sees voice content going

The Local Media Association spoke with SpokenLayer's Head of Strategy, Jeremy Mims, about the future of voice. This article outlines the SpokenLayer platform, why we're so excited about voice as a medium, and what our publisher partners are saying!

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SpokenLayer Founder/CEO at Business Insider’s Ignition Event (2017)

SpokenLayer’s Founder/CEO, Will Mayo, is quoted in Business Insider’s What we learned about The Next Big Thing at IGNITION 2017 article. Mayo’s thoughts on the voice ecosystem are highlighted in the excerpt below…

In his [Mayo’s] opinion, voice is a huge opportunity for brands and publishers to capture audience attention in a new way. He has worked with companies like Time Inc., Wired, and Bustle to deliver content and brand experiences through voice-activated devices.