Men's Health: The Webby Awards 2019

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Men’s Health knew they needed to be in the voice space and that SpokenLayer was the platform to get them there. They launched Men’s Health Minute, a daily 1-minute update on the latest in fitness, nutrition, health, sex, style, grooming, tech, weight loss and more. As Men’s Health’s voice partner, SpokenLayer created voice apps and transforms Men’s Health text content into audio each day, helping the publisher reach new audiences on Alexa, Google Home and beyond.

SpokenLayer brought a new revenue model to Hearst and Men’s Health by partnering with TD Ameritrade and Bose to sponsor voice content which resulted in a 4x ROI from their investment in voice.


SpokenLayer is the leading provider of voice-driven media for virtual assistants and connected devices - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and beyond. The world’s top media companies use SpokenLayer to produce, distribute, and monetize their voice experiences, and brands leverage SpokenLayer to reach audiences in voice at scale. Learn more by visiting SpokenLayer.com. Made with love in New York City. We want to empower people to listen to and discover the stories that matter to them.