Voice Ecosystem

A natural interaction that blends digital and physical worlds.

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Our screens have become saturated with apps and notifications vying for our attention. 

Voice is a new paradigm of interaction—like the iPod did for touch, so Voice assistants will do for Voice.

Interacting with spoken content liberates people from their screens, that’s why we believe Voice (spoken audio) is the biggest opportunity that publishers and brands have today. People treat their Voice devices like another member of the family—and for the first time, brands and publishers have a unique opportunity to be a part of that intimate conversation. It means new revenue streams and building powerful daily habits in the privacy of the home.

The Voice Ecosystem is a network that stretches from iTunes to Spotify to Alexa to Pandora, and eventually terrestrial radio too.

Why now?

We’ve been dreaming of Voice interactions with computers for ages. Three key things have made Voice interaction feasible now.

1. Advances in Natural Language Processing: Voice Assistants can understand more than 95% of what we say.

2. The ubiquity of smartphones: Voice Assistants have become cheap to test and integrate into speakers, lamps, washing machines, and more.

3.  Connectivity: Being able to connect everything from Google Calendar to Uber to Phillips Hue lightbulbs to AmazonFresh has made Voice devices incredibly useful.

There are cases where Voice is simply a better tool for interaction and easier than pulling out a phone or getting in front of the computer. It allows for habitual interaction that offers informative updates with a human element, that’s where brands and publishers can expect to find opportunity.

The Best Apps Engage and Help

Voice is a different paradigm from traditional advertising, content marketing, or web/mobile app development. Having a Voice app is like having a Facebook page—you might have some infrastructure there to let a consumer know about you, but the real gold comes from engaging with users and exchanging stories and ideas. Voice is less informational website and more campaign, where you can engage your customer one-on-one.

Claim Your Keywords Now

Similar to search engines, the best driver of traffic to a Voice experience is to own not only your brand name, but the keywords that relate to what you do. Your keywords and/or brand name are what people will ask for to invoke your experience. The only way to reserve your keywords is to create a Voice experience now. Once you claim your keywords, you can continue to iterate as you learn more about what users expect from your experience. Read our full post about this.

Spoken Edition

Digital, spoken audio is no longer limited to one platform, it can live as an app on Alexa, a podcast on Apple, a show on the radio, or a track on Spotify. SpokenEditions allow you to meet your customer where they are in a way that complements what they’re busy doing, rather than distracting them from it. See our full list of SpokenEditions here.

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